Finally, the easy-to-implement Step by Step guide to open a MMA Gym You have been searching for...

How You Too Can Start Your MMA Gym, Make More Money & HAVE FUN Living Life On Your OWN Terms—Almost Immediately!

in Less Than 12 Months by Following 10
Simple Steps...


From the desk of: Robert King,
Successful Business Owner & Martial Arts Enthusiast.

Dear MMA enthusiast,

If you have ever thought about opening a martial arts gym this could be the most important letter you read today.

Here's why:
As I write this letter there is an explosive growth surge happening in the MMA world...
Recent figures from the #1 martial arts league, the UFC, resemble those from a fortune 500 company.


Created $275 million in annual revenue  

Doubled growth in 4 years and...  

Gained an incredible 1.5 million customers in 1 night!  

Certainly, profitable opportunities abound and savvy entrepreneurs who love MMA are flocking to grab their share of the MMA Industry pie.

And with...

MMA merchandise sales rocketing

MMA training centers promising dramatic profits

MMA DVD sales leapfrogging previous records and...

Viewer revenue figures for the UFC rivaling some of the most legendary boxing fights of all time...

It is clear the MMA Juggernaut is firing on all cylinders and... definitely here to stay.

Beware the Pitfalls

But despite the MMA boom and the thousands of people wanting to train and get in shape like MMA fighters there's the inevitable causality list. Would-be gym owners all fighting to get to their MMA El Dorado inevitably leave many dead and dying in their wake.

And the reason is very simple...

They rush in blindly without a proven plan... many have never owned a business before...

But you don't have to be one of them... you can stake your claim of this profit mountain when you follow a simple 10 step plan...

I'll tell you more about that in a moment but first let me prove to you I know what I'm talking about and can help you go...

From Bust to Boom...

My name is Rob King. I'm just an ordinary guy without a college degree. In fact I dropped out of school to open my first business over 10 years ago.

Today I own, and run, a profitable Sports Nutrition Retail Store, an online supplement store, a highly profitable and rewarding Martial Arts gym...

And helped organize "The Heavyweights Classic" --- one of the biggest bodybuilding shows in Atlantic Canada bringing in some of the top names in the sport like 3 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler!

But it wasn't always that way...

I opened my first MMA gym after 10 years business experience because I loved the sport...

I thought it was just like any other business...

And I was completely wrong! - After 1 year that gym nearly dragged me to an early grave... I no longer had any interest or passion for MMA and I was nearly broke.

Boy what a wake up!

If there was a mistake in the gym business to be made I made it.

Martial Arts Training Helps You

And if it wasn't for my martial arts training I wouldn't be here talking to you today...

You see the disciplines I'd learned from training allowed me to dig deep, really deep... I knew I had to learn from my mistakes and study everything I could about the Martial Arts Business Industry.

This was the kicker... you see the Martial Arts Business isn't like other businesses... and if you run your MMA gym like a conventional business chances are you're headed for the scrap heap.

I took what I'd learned and decided to take a chance and focus on a new & improved location... I created a blueprint for a successful martial arts business...

And applied it to my new gym...

And now business is BOOMING...

Thing is, when others notice your success they want to copy it and I had so many friends and associates asking about the secret I decided to publish it.

As you read through the plan the first thing you'll notice is... it's a comprehensive, no BS blueprint... it contains all you need to know to start a profitable MMA gym or fitness center in the shortest time possible.

I used the exact same steps to create a profitable MMA gym in less than a year and when you follow the 10 simple steps you can too.

Fact is, the boom in the MMA market is only just starting... It's ready to explode and it won't be long before MMA gyms and training centers are the hottest clubs around... clearly you want to own a part of this new boom.

And you can when you...

Follow 10 Simple Steps

Sounds easy eh? Well it is but I'm not going to lie to you. The steps ARE simple but that doesn't mean there's no work involved.

You're no fool and understand that. What you're looking to avoid are the expensive mistakes, and that's why you're interested in a proven plan.

And when you get your copy of the "How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business" you'll have a proven plan that's refreshingly simple to follow.

And for your convenience I've released it in pdf format so you can read it on any computer and put it to work immediately.

As you flip open the pages your business outline will become clear. You'll notice how logical the process is and will follow along easily.

In a nutshell the steps are:

Discover who your ideal customer is and how to reach him/her. Now dig deep into your competition and find out their strengths and weaknesses then craft a compelling USP that will draw your targeted customers like moths to a flame
Find and meet your three new best friends. The three indispensable people you absolutely must include in your business plans especially if you are "going it alone". Discover who they are, how to meet them and develop a rock steady bond that will be profitable to you and your business
Understand Insurance, Liability, Finance and Capital. Four words that most new gym owners ignore to their peril. Get to the roots of how they will affect your fledgling business.
Location, location, location. Much has been written about this but still new gym owners always seem to have problems deciding where to open their gyms. Not you when you understand the hidden truths about this phrase.
How to delegate and become a leader in your field. Going it alone sounds great but should you really be doing it all yourself? Once you understand this home truth you're on your way to becoming a leader... but there's still more for you to master to get others to do your bidding. You'll discover the what's and how's.
How to get the word out without the Internet. Why is direct mail so popular and how can it boost your business? You'll find the answers without getting fleeced in the meantime.
Now it's time for online marketing. How to use the Internet with laser like accuracy and get the prospects you want  to come to your gym.
Understand customer relations. The most critical area of your business, your wealth is built on the relationships you develop with your customers not the equipment or services you offer. Understand what it takes to hone these relationships for sharper and more sustainable profits.
Controlling the dollars. You've probably heard it said that cash flow is king when it comes to business. Discover the secrets to ruling this menacing king rather than let him control you.
Putting it all into place. Now the fun starts! How to put it all together and build a rock solid and hugely profitable empire.

It as astonishingly simple as that... clearly there's no rocket science involved and you agree you can follow along.

Obviously when you follow these simple steps it will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the 85% of new businesses who are
destined to fail.


"MMA Blueprint is great for honing the competitive business edge..."

      "MMA Blueprint is great for honing the competitive business edge.

In today's killer competitive MMA markets with MMA Gyms popping up on every corner... You need something to help you gain that competitive edge and keep it.

I discovered a few tricks I applied to help my bottom line."

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
Founder of




"MMA Blueprint gave me the fighting chance I needed and helped
me transition
from Instructor to Owner..."

      "I've been teaching Martial Arts for over 17 years. I have seen the the marital arts industry go in many directions and have seen my competitors come and go.

We opened our doors in September and we are in the black in less than six months!

MMA Blueprint gave men the fighting chance I needed and helped me transition from Instructor to Owner.
The valuable business information you have in MMA Blueprint allowed us to be more creative in our martial arts business promotion, financing and lead generation plan.

This worked well for us."

Tim Martinson
17 Year Instructor and New MMA Business Owner




"My Gym needed an overhaul..."

      "I knew my gym needed an overhaul... been doing things the same way for way too long. What it all comes down to is how much money can you make without giving up your life!

You need to make sure you are not working your butt off too hard, while still being highly efficient AND making a decent profit. I was amazed at some of the things I really was working too hard on, you made me use the techniques to free up some of my life again.

Running a small, highly efficient martial arts school was the key, and dumping those parts that were giving me too many headaches. I highly recommend this book to new and current MMA Gym Owners, the price is so low even one great tip will pay for itself!"

Tyler Rockland
12 Year MMA Gym Owner



I Guarantee

You Will be Helped!

I'm not out to fleece you so guarantee that this manual will help you CLEAN UP as the MMA juggernaut heads toward full steam.

You have 60 full days to put this formidable power into action and watch your business head to grater returns. If at any time during the 60 days you feel the blueprint hasn't been of help... Even on the 60th day and for no reason at all, then I demand you email me immediately and request a refund.


No hard feelings, I'll rush you every last penny you spent on the blueprint and we'll still be friends.

I can't be much fairer than that but I don't expect to hear from you because I know you can build a profitable MMA gym with the guidance in the blueprint.

And since we're talking about investment you'd obviously like to know how much you need to invest to get your copy of this MMA Business Blueprint.

Well, you'll be pleased with the...

Refreshingly Small Investment...

... to own a personal copy of this blueprint and be guided toward profits from your MMA gym that could DWARF your expectations.

Suppose you were to go it alone without getting expert guidance...

How much do you think you'd spend, and ultimately waste, when your fledgling MMA gym ran out of steam and ground to a screeching halt?

If you could put a figure on it it'd surely be in the thousands of dollars.

And obviously you don't want to be throwing that sort of money away.

So if I were to ask you for the small sum of only $97 to save thousands of dollars you'll agree that'd be a bargain in it's own right won't you?

But the good news is, I'm not going to ask you to pay $97 dollars or $67 dollars for that matter. Even though many inferior "courses" cost at least this much.

You see, I've been through the pain of near failure and only managed to save myself by the skin of my teeth. And as no human wants to see another suffer I'd like to offer you a substantial discount on your copy of the
"How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business"

And don't forget you're covered by my 60 day guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

And when you invest today  I'd also like to offer you a...


Because you may have a particular question that I haven't answered in my manual... or maybe you just want a little moral support... I understand and have promised to help you...

So I will give you my personal email address.

 Any question or matter you need a little help with, no matter how trivial it may seem, just fire away. If it's important to you then it’s important to me.

I'll answer you as fast as I can and usually within 24 hours.

But there is one caveat to this service, my time is valuable and I'm not a banker. So please don't ask me for financing for your new venture, sorry but that just isn't my business.

That's all I ask, and you get this premium service Absolutely FREE when you invest in your MMA business blueprint today.


You agree that's a wonderful bonus, clearly worth at least $100.  I certainly wish I had access to that sort of advice when I started my MMA Gym business.

So let's recap what you are about to get:

You get the MMA business blueprint, titled:
"How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business"

Put it into action and it is guaranteed to deliver a glut of profit to your new gym business in the shortest time possible or I'll rush you a full refund.

You also get my personal ear to ask questions of any time you want.

Obviously this has to worth real money to you and you understand I could ask $67 or more for this level of expertise.

But as promised I want to give you a substantial discount when you order today.

So if you order immediately I guarantee you'll get the
"How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business" for the small investment of...

Only $47

That's it. No recurring fees or hidden costs, $47 is all you need to invest in your personal business blueprint.

“Get Your MMA Blueprint Secrets Now!”

Enjoy Truly Enormous Profit Opportunities
From Your MMA Training Center or Gym

Yes please Rob!

Please rush me my MMA Business Blueprint the
"How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business".

I have seen and am thrilled by your no-nonsense 60 day 100% money back guarantee

I understand and really appreciate the FREE gift of your time because I will get your personal email address so I can ask you any questions I may have about setting up my own MMA gym.

All this for the low investment of only $47...

I'm in!

Here's to your MMA Profits,

Rob King

Many other canny MMA enthusiasts are raking in money hand over fist after putting the business blueprint to good use. Why should you be any different? Order your copy of the
"How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business" today and start making the money you deserve from your MMA gym.

You get my personal email address so you can ask me any questions you may have about your MMA gym. This is worth real money to you. You agree having an expert on call is clearly worth more than your $47 investment in the
"How To Guide to Opening an MMA Business"

I reserve the right to increase the price at a moments notice if I find I'm becoming swamped by requests for help in my personal email address. Invest today to ensure you get your blueprint at this rock bottom price.



"Just opened a New MMA Gym..."

      "I just opened a new MMA gym and I have to admit your book helped me with planning how to launch my new MMA Gym. I was surprised, as it it even included financing tricks even my lawyer did not know about!

I really like your book and the systematic plan to create my business from the ground up. It matched what I wanted and needed for a plan. No fluff and no B.S. that is what I liked the best!"

Andy Johansson
New MMA Gym Owner


“Get Your Own MMA Blueprint!”


About Rob King

Over 10 Years of Being Self Employed. I own a Sports Nutrition Retail Store & online supplement store

I have also been involved in something called The Heavyweights Classic, one of the biggest bodybuilding shows in Atlantic Canada brining in some of the top names in the sport like 3 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler!

My story, I actually dropped out of University when I started my MMA Gym Business.

I was planning on majoring in business at the university but I figured 4 years of school would be a lot of time and I decided to learn all I could on my own!

The rest is history!

Rob King

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